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Mar 14, 2016

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The Problem: Infrared scans were conducted at the site designated as 2121 Santa Anna. Infrared photos show the wet areas, and are typically easily identified by the outline of the insulation boards that are wet. The areas were marked, and verified using core samples and moisture meter detection through the membrane.

Total roof area for Roof A: 42,000 sf

Total wet area for Roof A: 8,327

The Solution: TPO Recover - Remove all gravel, base flashings, coping and edge metal from the existing roof sections. Mechanically attach specified insulation and TPO Rhino Bond roof assembly to the correctly prepared substrate. Install all new 24 gauge metal to all roof edges, mechanical units, and roof penetrations, utilizing coated metal as needed.

The Customer's Perspective: "J Reynolds & Co., Inc. did a TPO overlay on one section and repaired two additional sections of our roof located at 2121 Santa Anna in Dallas, TX. I can say I'm very pleased with the way the job went from the bidding process to the final inspection. I received pictures daily from the job site showing me the progress made throughout the day. I was over 120 miles away from the job site so I needed to have a company that I could trust was doing a good quality job. I made a trip down once a week without notice to check on the job and every time I was happy with the quality of quantity of work that had been performed."

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