Shopping Center & Mall Roof Maintenance, Repair Service

Serving Texas & Colorado Regions


J Reynolds & Co., Inc., understands the unique needs of retail buildings. We understand that your revenue is affected when noise and construction disrupt the shopping experience. To ensure that your customers enjoy their time during construction, we offer flexibility in work hours. Our goal is to provide you with superior services. This includes a safe and dependable building envelope system as well as a clean working environment, minimal disturbances, low noise levels, and happy patrons.

We work hard to ensure that there are no interruptions or inconveniences to your customers. This is accomplished by our tie-in system that lies between the existing roof and the new roof being installed. Additional protective and preventative supplies include our interior services to prevent leakage or falling debris.

Whether it is a shopping mall, corporate office building, or other multiple-vendor location, organization and communication is key. J Reynolds & Co., Inc., has highly trained and experienced project managers who can coordinate and communication with stakeholders. With this high level of communication, projects run efficiently, stay on budget, and ensure a safe environment.

Our Malls & Shopping Centers Projects